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Looking to give someone a memorable gift? Why not try a Giant Check? It's perfect for annual charity events, fundraisers, or any occasion where you want to make a big impression. The large size makes it easy to write on and draw attention to. Plus, with a dry-erase surface, you can customize it with your own text, patterns, or themes. This makes it a great tool for promoting your event or fundraiser. You can even personalize it with your company logo or name. So, whether you're looking to give it away as a prize or use it as a promotional tool, a Giant Check is sure to impress!
Dry-erase is our most preferred.

If you intend to keep the check for later use, you can make it reusable by using dry-erase lamination. This way, you can write on it with a dry-erase marker, erase it, and reuse it again. This is particularly useful for companies or organizations that give multiple donation presentations and need to use the same check multiple times.

Presentation Check

Fully Printed Checks

It is best for single-time use and can be printed on a corrugated Board, foam board, or PVC Board.

Dry erase check

Dry Erase Checks

Best for multi-use, it can be printed on corrugated Board, foam board, or PVC Board.

Presentation Check

Banner Checks

Best for single-time use, available in any size. It is printed on a tear and flame-resistant banner material.